Yoga represents the union between body, spirit and mind.

Take the time to wind down, let go of stress and the chatter of the mind, and allow yourself to settle into the body and breath. Yoga offers you the opportunity to warm the body through the marriage of movement and breath, balancing the nervous system and calming the mind. You do not have to be a seasoned yogi or โ€˜flexibleโ€™, just simply roll out your mat and see what unfolds.

You are welcome to book into a scheduled yoga class or request a private one-on-one, couple or group yoga class. The first scheduled yoga class is free for guests and then $20pp thereafter.

Teacher:  Simone is a qualified Vinyasa teacher, masseuse with a background in Social Work predominantly mental health. She is passionate about yoga and how it expands to all facets of our lives: spirituality, philosophy, morality, compassion and love. She also recognises the inextricable link between well-being and nature.Simone is passionate about movement, health & fitness and well being. 

Scheduled classes are as follows:

Saturday 9.00 am to 10.00 am  Suitable for people who do have some yoga experience or have a moderate level of fitness. The class begins with pranayama (controlled breathing ) followed by asana postures to build warmth and stabilise the core.  A vinyasa sequence of asana postures follows, incorporating alignment, strength, cardio and balance. We then wind down, stretching and cooling the body to rest and yield the benefits of the practice. 

Sunday 9.00am to 10am Suitable for all levels. The class focuses on pranayama (controlled breathing) followed by asana postures to build warmth and stabilise the core. A slow vinyasa sequence follows with attention to alignment, balance and building strength follows.  The class will conclude with a longer meditative relaxation period (svasana) settling the mind after the body is warm and more supple. 

Private classes Request a private class tailored to the individual’s need. The class will commence with controlled breathing (pranayama)  moving into warming the body through asana postures and a vinyasa sequence, before cooling down and relaxing into savasana with the soothing sounds of the singing bowl. The focus is on breath, movement, alignment, core, strength and balance.

  • One to one $70.00
  • Couple classes  $80.00.   
  • Group classes $100 over 2

Experience the relaxing ambience of the Wellbeing Studio and the stunning forest vista. All equipment is provided and we also have heating. 

                                                                      Please email for further details, our phone Simone 0431 933416