Simala Yoga+ sessions 2020

Simala Wellbeing is excited to introduce a series of Yoga+ sessions in 2020.
The sessions will be held monthly on a Sunday morning in the Well-being Studio.
They will offer a 75min Yoga (Vinyasa) class complimented with a workshop or session on a different modality to enhance overall well-being.
Simala Wellbeing kicks off its first Sunday Yoga+ session with

Yoga+ Art to Inspire Sunday 12 January 2020 9am to 12noon

This session will be a compilation of Vinayasa Yoga followed by a meditation to guide the session ‘to be inspired by art and colour’.
Some yoga experience helpful, no art skills are required, only a sense of fun, curiosity and a willingness to get creative.

This session will be led by Simone Bradshaw (Yoga Instructor) and Angi Hackett (Art Therapist) amongst various other ‘hats’ we wear.

Exchange $49.00 including morning tea